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Rita Coary, Human Resources Manager
Keystone Group

"The CCO Performance Management Model is one of the most essential and effective tools that we have put in place. It keeps everyone on track, creates clarity on ownership and outcomes with everyone clear on who’s doing what. Our people are now clear on what’s required and how they are measured. We have all raised the bar on our effectiveness, focus and performance."


Glenn Speer, Sales Director
Fane Valley Feeds

"Using CCO’s Collaborative Tools helped our sales and technical teams become clear on and promote our competitive advantages which has resulted in increased sales."


Pat Cahill

"Having worked with CCO over a two year period I am very grateful for the professional and competent manner in which the training was undertaken and I feel myself and our Sales Team (Business Managers) in Ireland benefited greatly from the coaching.

Part of our focus was on giving clear, informative, concise presentations to our clients/customers. This involved our team being open to constructive criticism and learning tools to manage their attitude and present themselves in a masterful way. This coaching experience left our team more competent and more self-confident and better able to meet our customer needs."


Paul Johnston, Operations Director
Linden Foods

"Linden Foods have been on a path of restructuring the way we do business so that our customers can be served better. This has involved the adoption of Lean Manufacturing Techniques. Part of our success on the first part of the Lean journey is the adoption of CCO’s Six Agreements. CCO has been very effective in assisting and guiding Linden, initially with the “Beyond Boundaries” course for senior executives which was rolled out to all managers and supervisors. This Collaborative Approach and especially the Six Agreements have been fundamental in helping us to create a fantastic team which is supportive and enthusiastic but above all communicates clearly with respectful straight talking. Nothing gets fudged. There is no doubt in my mind it has helped us get a ‘Silver Award’ for ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and ‘Double Gold’ Hygiene awards from M&S."


Nathaniel Shelton, Business Development Director

"Our business involves designing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions for clients and troubleshooting IT problems when they arise. Our clients need fast responses and rapid solutions which could at times lead to a sense of overwhelm. The CCO Workshops and Executive Coaching gave us tools to help us stay calm and focused, to stay creative, to prioritise, and to hold each other to account in a supportive way. The whole team has had positive benefits from working with CCO."


Russell Jennings, Sales and Commercial Director
LFA Celtic

"The tools provided by CCO Workshops and Executive Coaching are in no way just ‘soft skills’. They have helped myself and my team become better at listening to our customers, meeting their needs, dealing with difficult people and most importantly significantly increasing our turnover and profitability."


Colin Marks, General Manager
Road Trucks Ltd

"I am extremely grateful to CCO’s Executive Coaching for helping me through a “stormy” mid-life change in career and life circumstances. As a result of focussing on my “Human Givens”, I moved in a short period from overwhelm to calm, from uncertainty to clear family and work related goals. All areas of my career, relationships and life goals benefitted from CCO’s input. Indeed, within 18 months I had become General Manager of the business which employed me!"


Andrew Carleton, Managing Director
Deramore Holdings

"Using Des’s coaching and CCO’s “Collaborative Approach” has helped us minimise one of the biggest frustrations of our industry - being let down by our service-providers. As a result we became better at ending meetings with clear commitments and time-lines. We are now better able to hold people accountable without having to resort to threats. Interestingly, this approach has now made life easier and more effective for all parties involved."

"Kevin has delivered extensive coaching, leadership and management programmes that empower and instil confidence in our teams. The quality of work and commitment to our teams has exceeded expectations – our team are assertive, better at planning, more effective at managing time and projects and are benefiting from the value of developing their team."


Keiron Forbes, Technical Director
LFA Celtic

"Like many professionals who become managers, I thought that bringing the same passion, drive and long hours to managing as I had to my successful technical career would be enough. It wasn’t. I found myself being over-worked, trying to please everyone and struggling. Using Des’s coaching and CCO’s “Collaborative Approach” dramatically improved my performance. I created a clearer vision of the future that I wanted for myself, for our business and for my family. Understanding their APET model of emotional mastery helped me stay calm and focused in all circumstances. I learned how to really listen, to delegate, to be assertive, to manage my time and much more. My life, my work and my business and the quality of my relationships have been transformed."


P.E Whittingham, Head of Operations
P&O Ferries

"Kevin has been pivotal in our management of change. Throughout, their level of support and commitment has been exemplary. Their coaching programme has empowered our management team, increased confidence levels and supported our emerging leaders and existing managers to manage their time more effectively. Our team no longer ‘get stopped’ with the inevitable obstacles that occur daily – instead, have become effective in their use of the tools they have been trained to use. This work has had empowered our managers and has had a significant beneficial impact on our business."


Professor Michael Doherty, Veterinary Clinical Studies
University College Dublin

"I was persistently overwhelmed with a demanding job and a young family. With Des’s advice and using CCO’s “tools” for emotional mastery, my personal competence improved and my self-confidence returned. I now stay calm and effective with more ease and achieve more with less effort with my team and in my personal life. We now use the CCO “Collaborative Approach” as our communication tool within our group and have incorporated a one day workshop on this topic by Des on our postgraduate programme for veterinary professionals."


Oliver Gormley, Managing Director
Gormleys Fine Art

"We have no hesitation in recommending Kevin and his team to businesses. Our investment in coaching and team development has enabled us to make tough business decisions in a competitive climate. Our meetings are now highly effective: projects and tasks get handled on time through a disciplined approach to implementing clear meeting guidelines and protocols. Collectively, these have helped us develop a valuable performance culture. We spend as much time thinking ahead as we spend reflecting on what has happened. Kevin has played an important role in the growth of our business by developing a motivated, confident and focused team of managers and leaders. We continue to work with Kevin as our business portfolio grows."


John Hill, Past president of the
Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons, UK

"Des from CCO’s one day workshop on “Coaching skills and the Collaborative Approach”, at my weekend Conference for Veterinary Surgeons on “Happiness”, was captivating and really useful for participants. This topic was motivated by the predisposition of Veterinarians to depression and suicide, linked often to their hectic work lives. He provided the CCO set of useful tools for leading a more balanced, joyful and yet productive life. His presentation tied in really well with the other speaker, Joe Griffin, the founder of the Human Givens school of Psychotherapy, of which Des is a graduate."